375 Thompson Rd
Lexington, KY 40508


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Expansion – Lexington’s Psychedelic Experience & Music Festival at The Burl Outdoors

Ages 18 and up
Saturday, September 10
Doors | 1:30pm Show | 2:30pm

Lexington’s Psychedelic Experience & Music Festival
at The Burl Outdoors
Lexington, KY

Saturday Sept 10th, Celebrate psych rock and live visual art at Expansion – Lexington’s Psychedelic Experience with heavy & far-out sounds from The Black Angels, Allah-Las, Babe Rainbow, Death Valley Girls, Sweet Country Meat Boys, Dinero Romero, Trevor’s Lightning Project, Something Weird and Purplenoia with live visuals from Ed Sunspot/Robert Beatty, Psensibil, Yovozol, Darling Lucifer, Liquified, Captain Lemo and Super Nuclear. Full event info: expansionlex.com and @expansionlex.

The Black Angels

For nearly 20 years Austin’s The Black Angels have built a cult reputation for their sultry, neo-psychedelic sounds and stoner-heavy, ’70s-inspired garage rock. Pulverizing is the best way to describe their music. As the five-piece enter their second decade, they have earned the recognition as one of the genre’s most influential bands. Each of their EPs and LPs are mind-blowing epics, often taking us to delirium and back. 

LA’s Allah-Las began with a love for laid-back ’60s sounds that verged on somnambulant psychedelia, documenting the sounds and moods of sunny West Coast days with nothing to do but strum guitars and gently harmonize. Beginning with a heavy surf influence, by 2016’s the band was replaced the hazy reverb for a Stones-y swagger. The group’s most-recent album, Las, takes another step out of their SoCal garage to add sounds from around the world, creating a much more outward-looking album that adds elements of soul music, Brazilian psych, and Dead-style jamming to their psychedelic mix.

Babe Rainbow
Babe Rainbow are a stoner pop band from Australia noted for their boogie psychedelia and throwback surf cult imagery. Initially rooted in 60’s psych and 70’s French surf pop the Babe’s musical style has evolved through their career exploring elements of woodland bop and disco, dub and more recently dance and international groove, yet has maintained an Aquarian quality.
In 2017 they released their debut album produced by Stu Mackenzie and smacked out support tours with King Gizzard, Allah Las, Tomorrows Tulips, and French synth wave band La Femme internationally. 

Death Valley Girls
On the surface level, LA’s Death Valley Girls churn out the hypercharged, in the red, scuzzy rock every generation yearns for, but there is a more subversive force percolating beneath the surface that imbues the band with an exhilarating cosmic energy. At their core, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Bonnie Bloomgarden and guitarist Larry Schemel channel Death Valley Girls’ modern spin on Fun House’s sonic exorcisms, early ZZ Top’s desert-blasted riffage, and Sabbath’s occult menace.

Trevor’s Lightning Project
Trevor’s Lightning Project has created a door, summoned from musical incantations. Behind that door is a dimension of light and sound, immense yet delicate: chaotic and harmonious. Aided by the vibrant projections of Liquified, they spin a tale of a life easily broken, oscillating between paranoid delusions and ecstatic revelations.

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