375 Thompson Rd

Lexington, KY 40508


Where can I park?
We have a large parking lot that is shared with our neighbors at The Local Wag and Burn Boot Camp. If full, there is street parking available on Thompson Road.

Where can I purchase tickets?
The Burl does not have a box office. Advance tickets are available at www.theburlky.com. Tickets are available day of show at the venue once doors are open. If you’re scared about the show selling out, we’d strongly encourage nipping that in the bud and buying in advance.

What time do doors open?
1 hour before every show.

Is the show really sold out?
Yeah. You missed it. It was great.

What is your photo policy?
Snap away! Unless a band says otherwise. The band is always right and then we’ll tell you to put that thing away.

Is the show 18+? Is it 21+? What’s going on here?
Each show varies in age restriction. See ticket link/event info for each specific event’s age policy.

Is there seating in the venue?
Most shows are standing room only but we do have some bar stools and seats around the perimeter of the room- first come first served. If you require seating for health related reason please let a member of our team know.

Can I smoke?
No way. No vaping either, brah. Take all that stuff to one of our luxurious, smoker-friendly decks.

What is your bag policy?
Bags are subject to search upon entry.

ADA compliant?
Yes and we want everyone to be comfortable so please let us know what you need.

What should I do if I have lost an item?
Hit us up at [email protected] or (more effectively) come down the next day after 5pm.

Is there food?
The Burl does not serve food but we have food trucks nearly every night of the week.

Can I take my drink to The Arcade?
Yes. Dreams come true.

But can I get back into The Burl?
Yes. Like we said, dreams come true.

How do I book a show?
Go to the contact page and check out the steps. Your best chance of getting booked if you’ve never played the room before is to get a bill of locals together first.